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"He picked up how to skip and new dance moves and it also encouraged his sense of adventure and role play. He seemed to have refind his love of dancing. He would also be exhausted after each class and have a very big nap afterwards so I knew his body was getting a great workout." - Natalie

Jumping Jacks Boy

"Luca loved Jumping Jacks and was excited to attend each week. The pace was great and kept his attention.He incorporated treasure maps into his imaginative play at home and I'd wondered where he'd picked that up from." - Saara

Jumping Jacks Girl

"It exposed him to a variety of different types of music & allowed him to move freely & differently. We’ve noticed that he is dancing more to music at home, in the car & when we are out & about." - Bianca

Jumping Jacks Girl

"She benefitted from both physical and cognitive development. And emotional in terms of her confidence." - Antonia

Kinderballet: 'Jumping Jacks'


Ages: 4 to 6 years

Duration: 45 minutes

End of year event: Presentation Day

*Fees:$18 per class (when paid termly)

Jumping Jacks is an exciting new program for pre-school boys and spirited girls. It is fun, lively and full of energy and imagination.


Set within a narrative, this program combines elements of contemporary, jazz and ballet to offer a fun introduction to the basic elements of dance to get your little guy (or girl) enjoying movement within a creative context.

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  • Accident Insurance - $8 (per family per term) - covers the enrolled student (& Mum! in the case of Cherubs and Mummy & Me classes).

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