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Looks like you're having trouble finding something, below is a list of commonly asked questions and topics that sometimes require clarification. If you cannot find the answer there, then please email us (see below) and we'll be happy to help!


Help Topics:

  • What is Kinderballet?
    • Kinderballet is a series of programs developed to introduce young children to Classical Ballet (see About Us)
    • Kinderballet is fundamentally a learning activity and not an entertainment activity, the difference? In a learning activity (eg. swimming) your child gains something, in an entertainment activity (eg. a children's party) your child has been temporarily amused.
  • Who created Kinderballet?
    • Kinderballet's programs were developed by Sheryn Zarins - 'Royal Academy of Dance' Ballet Teacher and Graded Examiner (see About Us)
  • Why should I bring my child to Kinderballet™?
    • To have fun!
    • Encourage creativity and imagination, make friends
    • To learn the basics of ballet, build confidence and self-esteem, to learn how to conduct oneself in a class, social skills, listening, taking instructions, co-ordination, posture...
  • What's so great about Kinderballet?
    • Program - A real program, specifically developed for preschoolers by an expert in the field. Continuous improvement over many years with the input of many, very experienced and respected teachers. Unlike other pre-school ballet activities, our teachers do not make it up as they go along.
    • Music - Specifically developed to support our program, NOT a mish-mash of 'The Wiggles' and 'Hi-5'
    • Teachers - Real ballet teachers, who are carefully selected - trained when joining Kinderballet™ as well as at regular training sessions throughout the year.
  • How do I know my child will like the classes?
    • You don't know for sure until you do a trial (see Book a Trial)
  • Do parents watch the classes?
    • Generally no and there are very good reasons, there are also exceptions (See article)
  • How much are the classes?
    • Prices range from $16 - $21 per class (Our Fees)
  • Where (or what times) are the classes?
    • We offer classes in Victoria, Queensland, Sydney and Adelaide (See locations)
  • Which class is right for my child?
  • What music is used in the classes?
    • Kinderballet's music has been developed specifically for our classes, it's NOT just a mish-mash of 'TV show' music - which has been developed for pure entertainment value only! Find out more about: Our Music
  • Is there an end of year concert?
    • Our older classes (Mummy and Me, Tots, Kiddies, and Next Steps) have a low-key event known as Presentation Day. (Cherubs don't have an end of year event)
    • It's usually held in the same venue as regular classes (approximately) during regular class time.
    • In 2019 the (all-inclusive) fee for Presentation Day was $55 ($65 for Next Steps and Aspirants), which includes a medal and tutu. There are no ticket sales or rehersals to pay for.
  • What ages is Kinderballet for?
    • Kinderballet offers classes for children aged from 1½ to 12 (Our Programs)
  • Is Kinderballet for boys?
    • Our programs are not gender-specific, but many elements may be considered to be aimed more at girls. When we do have boys in our classes, our teachers are able to adapt the class to further accomodate them.
  • Is Mummy and Me just for Mummy's?
    • No. It's only called "Mummy and Me" because its usually 'Mum' that attends.
    • Any responsible adult can accompany the child to class, we have Mums, Dads, Grandmas and Granddads, aunties, nannies, family friends...
    • Although, only ONE adult may participate per session
  • Can I bring my younger child to Cherubs or Mummy and Me?
    • Yes, if they are still in a pram it may work quite well, however, if they are mobile then you may have to spend much of your time persuing your little one :)
  • What if we miss a class?
    • You may book-in for a makeup class at another time and/or location
  • Where can I purchase shoes and dancewear?
  • What if my child is shy and may not participate?
    • Many children are shy and that's often the reason why parents are looking for an appropiate activity in the first place
    • From feedback, we have seen that 'Building Confidence' is the Number ONE benefit parents have seen in their children from attending Kinderballet
    • Find out what you can do to make sure your child has the best chance from the start (Read Article)
  • What should they wear to class?
    • Girls - dancewear, or a fairy dress or favorite dress-up, as long as its comfortable to move in and doesn't matter if you get down in the floor in it
    • Boys - dancewear, or t-shirt and shorts
    • Shoes? - We recommend proper ballet shoes, but bare feet are fine to start off
    • More details on what to wear
  • Is there a registration fee?
    • No, we try and make it affordable as possible - that's also why we don't insist on special uniforms, ballet shoes... Our Fees
  • Are fees refundable?
    • Generally no, unless it's our fault a class (or classes) are cancelled or there is a serious medical reason that can be substantiated in writing
  • Are the teacher's qualified?
    • Yes, and this is really something that seperates Kinderballet from other 'preschool ballet' providers - we require a significant background in ballet, which is usually a combination of qualifications and experience.
  • What are the class sizes?
    • 11 in Cherubs, 12 in Mummy & Me classes and 14 for all others
  • What if a class is cancelled?
    • We will inform parents as soon as possible, the class will either be made up for in the holidays or parents will be offered the choice of a refund or credit for the cancelled class. Sometimes parents prefer to go to another location on the day, so that they don't miss their class that day!
  • What can I do if I am dissatisfied about something?
  • Are there references to Christmas in the programs?
    • Yes, only in Term 4, and only in the 'Mummy and Me' and 'Tots' programs.

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