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Preschool Ballet Girls

"Kinderballet is really great for the children, Sophie really loves it, Monique is a wonderful, friendly and caring teacher." - Karen

"Thank you very much for providing such a lovely experience for Mila, she has loved it." - Kristy

Kinderballet Girl in Class

"We have all really enjoyed Eliza's Kinderballet classes. The imagination and beautiful classical music involved in the classes, the balance between having fun and learning new skills, and the variety of content from term to term are all wonderful features of the classes." - Margaret

Enrolling in Kinderballet™

When Do We Need To Enrol?

After you have done your trial (or trials in the case of "Mummy & Me") and you are happy that this is something you would like to continue that you will need to enrol to continue.

We need to know within a couple days of your trial (or final trial in the case of "Mummy & Me").

If you do not let us know then we may offer your place to someone else who is waiting for a place - so please don't delay.

How To Enrol

  • Call our office: 1300-606-949, or
  • Email Us:, or
  • Reply to the SMS you received with your trial details!

After You Enrol

When we receive notification that you wish to enrol, we will email you an enrolment questionnaire and an invoice for the current term. See pricing

Invoices are generally due within 7 days, please attend to your invoice as soon as you can to avoid payment reminders - which we don't like to send and no one likes to receive.

What if you're not sure after the Trial?

You will usually know one way or the other is Kinderballet™ is right for your child. If you don't then please call us to discuss your concerns, we just might be able to work something out that is right for you!