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Kinderballerinas in Class

"Loved our presentation day!! We will miss out friday mornings for a while and look forward to the return! Happy holidays to you all the Kinderballet team." - Milla

"Just wish to say thank you for another wonderful term! Presentation day was fantastic and the medal at the end was a nice surprise!" - Anika

"I would just like to say how lovely the presentation day was, I was particularly impressed with the format which meant the children were so relaxed and happy when presenting for their family and friends - rather than making the day a stressful 'performance'." - Franchesca

End of Year Event

Our younger classes (Mummy and Me, Tots, Kiddies, and Preppies) have a low-key event at the end of the year known as Presentation Day, It's usually held in the same venue as regular classes (approximatly) during regular class time.

In 2017 the (all-inclusive) fee for Presentation Day was $50, which includes a medal and tutu. There are no ticket sales or rehersals to pay for. Click here to find out more.

Our older classes (Levels and Grades) do a concert at the end of the year. This is more like the traditional ballet concert. More details be be abailable through the year. Click here to find out more.