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2020 Welcome Offer!


Starting something new can always stretch the budget, so we're helping parents get their children started in ballet by offering ALL NEW STUDENTS a FREE pair of ballet shoes when they enroll during Jan and Feb 2020!


*There are some rules of course, please see the 'fine' print below for full details...



The 'Fine' Print:

This offer cannot be combined with any other offer. This offer is only available to students in classes offered directly by Kinderballet and not through licensees. This offer is not available to existing students or former students, that means any student who has ever been enrolled with Kinderballet in the past. This offer IS available to siblings of present or former students. This offer IS available to students who have trialled previously and did not enrol at the time. To redeem this offer you must enrol in a Kinderballet class during Term 1, 2020. You must enrol from the week directly following your last trial (in the case of 3-week trials – ie. our younger classes) or from the week immediately after your trial (in the case of single trial, for the older students). You must enrol from that date until the last week of term. You must pay your invoice for the term in full, by the due date and not have any other fees outstanding. You must enrol for at least 5 weeks. Offer limited to one pair of ballet shoes per child. The entire offer is limited to 2000 pairs of shoes in total. Offer expires 2/3/2020.